We offer research and development services for shading systems, pergolas, awnings, canopies and laser cut stainless steel components. We have the expertise and resources to design and manufacture using materials such as inox, aluminum, galvanized metal, ensuring their longevity and wear resistance. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative and customized solutions for different outdoor needs, combining functionality and aesthetics to enhance the beauty and comfort of any space.Contact us to learn more about our project portfolio and discuss your specific needs.


Designing shading products with CAD systems has many advantages. First, CAD systems allow an accurate preview of the product before it is manufactured, thus reducing production costs and time. In addition, our skilled mechanical designer can create different versions of the product using CAD to meet different needs and requirements of customers. Finally, CAD systems allow the elaboration of designs until the last moment before the product is manufactured, allowing the avoidance of possible errors in its manufacture.

τεντες μπαρας αλουμινίου


A stunning 3D digital rendering of a pergola is the perfect way to bring a vision to life. Using sophisticated design software, the skilled designer can create a highly detailed model that accurately reflects the size, shape and style of the structure. This digital representation allows the customer to visualize the final product and make changes before construction begins. By adding textures, lighting and landscaping, the digital pergola can be transformed into a photorealistic image that highlights the beauty and functionality of the design.