Glass guillotines – retractable windows

The electric retractable glass window consists of a movable frame and one or two fixed ones. With the push of a button, the mobile frame is dragged and stored behind the fixed one. Ideal for shop fronts, works quickly and easily, protects the space from heat or cold air and noise. Tailored to the exact needs of each project, its design maximizes the glass surface without using a frame. The movement is achieved using an electric motor which is located in an aluminum box at the top of the structure. There are also locking options including an electric lock

guillotine glass system
guillotine glass system
guillotine glass system
  • We only have the system in a version that includes electric handling.
  • The mechanism is located at the top of the structure.
  •  We adapt it to the exact needs of each individual project. Ideal for shop fronts, operated quickly and easily, at the touch of a button.
  • All types of retractable windows are available in all dimensions and colors of your choice, in perfect harmony with your business space.
  • In areas with relatively high thermal insulation requirements and especially for large openings.
  • The movable leaves slide – either up or down – and park behind the fixed frame.
  • Double, structural glazing, heat-breakable aluminum profiles.

Retractable Windows – Guillotines are ideal for large openings. They provide all the benefits of a glass parapet, with the added benefit of protection from wind and rain. They open and close automatically at the push of a button. Made with aluminum frames in the color of your choice and laminated safety glass. They consist of two three or four frames, one of which remains fixed.

Take advantage of an outdoor living space all year round and enjoy the convenience, safety and protection offered by WINDAIR systems.




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