Smart Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic aluminum pergolas are the most modern market trend in covering outdoor areas. It is a system that uses the alternation of hot and cold gases to renew the air in the room. At the same time, it uses its blinds as a means of shading and protection, giving a truly beautiful environment with special lighting and unparalleled aesthetics. An electric pergola is the first step to make life at home more comfortable. You are adding an extra room to your home that you can enjoy all year round. Pergola system with rotatable blinds for adjustable shading and rain protection. Ideal for transforming an open space into a comfortable and pleasant environment. Wide variety of solutions and possibilities of personalization and scalability to cover every need

Bioclimatic louver Pergola Electra
Bioclimatic louver Pergola Electra

In case of rain, the electric flaps close automatically to protect your furniture.

Once the sun comes out again and the roof water has drained, the pergola opens again.

When the smart pergola is connected to the house, it offers effective protection from the sun by regulating the temperature of the house.
In the summer, the flaps close to keep the house cool and reduce air conditioning costs.

During the winter months, the opening louvres adjust to let light into the house and warm the interior, maximizing the benefits of bright sunlight.

When hosting summer parties under your outdoor pergola, a single command creates just the right atmosphere.

Say “BBQ script” to your voice assistant and the pergola closes, the lights come on and the music starts playing.

You can also start the script with a tap on your smartphone.

Take advantage of an outdoor living area all year round and enjoy the convenience, safety and protection offered by SUNRAIN systems.




Browse in 360 environment to see the pergola in real space