By using the pergola we aim to provide maximum comfort to the exterior of a building in terms of temperature, lighting and ventilation. This is achieved thanks to the natural configuration of the air and the sun that allows the construction of the pergola. In addition, the structure of the pergola allows protection from heavy rains and strong wind. Thus creating a completely waterproof outdoor space, which can be enjoyed all year round regardless of season and weather. In addition, folding pergolas incorporate special elements of design and production. We also determine specific properties of selected materials, so that they always offer you reliability, functionality and aesthetics.

Tentoexpress offers a range of folding pergolas to extend your terrace or garden. It is really a roof over the garden or terrace. In this way, it protects from the sun or the rain, giving you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility. Professionals, (cafes, restaurants, hotels), finally find a way to heat the space. Using smart electric patio heaters. Stylish and available in large sizes, our pergolas are the answer to complete protection for all seasons and all weather conditions.